10 Things To Prep Your Property For Spring

Warmer temperatures are around the corner and it’s a good time to check your property for any winter weather damage and plan repairs for the months ahead.

Here’s Sanford Property Management’s list of 10 things to prep your property for spring:

1 – Visually inspect all gutters and downspouts

It’s important to check all your gutters and downspouts to make sure there aren’t any blockages and/or debris stuck inside. Blockages can lead to water damage to the roof, interior of the building, foundation or landscaping. Gutters are likely clogged if water isn’t flowing through downspouts properly.

2 – Visually inspect your roof for signs of damage from the winter months

Staying on top of roof repairs before they get worse will save you money in the long run. Some problem signs to look for are water stains on ceilings or exterior walls, increasing amount of shingle granules coming out of downspouts when it rains, shingles with turned up edges and missing shingles. If you notice damages, contact your property manager or your local roofing company to come and repair.

3 – Visually inspect all siding and exterior painting

Your property’s first line of defense from the elements is its exterior paint or siding. If there’s a breach, moisture can get into your drywall and insulation. If you notice damaged siding or painting, make sure you complete the repairs yourself or hire an experienced repairperson.

4 – Make sure all walkways are free and clear from debris

Walk around your property and make sure there are no tripping hazards left over from winter conditions. Don’t forget to check any stair handrails to make sure they are securely in place.

5 – Clean all exterior siding and windows

Siding and windows require routine cleaning to look their best and keep them in good condition. Regular window cleaning will prevent dust and grime buildup on windows which can cause etching and scratches. Professional window cleaners can get to your higher windows safely and won’t leave streaks behind.

6 – Re-stain and seal all wood patio decks

To get the longest life out of your deck, it needs yearly maintenance. You’ll want to start by cleaning your deck to prevent algae and mildew growth. Once it’s clean, you’ll be able to see if any repairs are needed and if your deck needs re-staining.

7 – Trim back all overgrowth that may be touching the roof or siding of your property

Branches and bushes growing too close to the side of the building and/or roof need to be trimmed. On a windy day, those leaves and branches can scrape the siding or roof shingles wearing down the paint or stain.

8 – Re-connect your garden hose and turn on the water to the outlet

Now that temperatures are rising and freezing pipes are no longer a concern, it’s time to reconnect your garden hose.

9 – Prepare your garden beds

Prep for spring planting by turning the soil and topping up where needed.

10 – Prepare your lawn

Our extreme winter has probably made a mess of your lawn – or what’s left of it. Aerating, fertilizing and seeding will ensure you have lush green grass over the coming months.

Paying attention to these property management tasks each spring will help preserve the life of your building, and allow you to relax and enjoy the summer!

Sanford Property Management continues to provide beautiful homes and great service for the residents we serve at MPA. It’s great working with all of you.
Victoria Lim, Manager, Sophia & Byron House
Sanford helps make sure my apartment is in good condition by sending nice, hardworking people to fix things.
C.N. , Tenant
It is great working with Sanford.  The tenants are always pleased by the service provided, which is always quick and professional.  Whether it is the monthly floor service, pest control inspection, or plumbing emergencies – they have been great with making sure the building is in great condition for the staff and the clients.  Thank you!
Marion M, Staff
They always do great work when my suite needs work.
G.W., Tenant
The Kettle Society is grateful for our partnership with Sanford Housing Society and Sanford Property Management Services. Sanford Property Management has provided excellent services for our sites that have been timely, affordable and flexible! I would highly recommend SPM services to anyone looking for property management or property support services.
Nancy Keough, Executive Director, The Kettle Society
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